Green Light Limousine Service - Green Light Limo of Danbury CT Stole $2,200 of Camera Equip

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Avoid Green Light Limousine Service, Inc. like the plague!!!!

Had $2,200 of camera and video equipment placed in the trunk by the driver at JFK. Once we reached our home the driver unloaded the trunk, except for the camera equipment, and quickly departed. Upon calling them within 30 minutes the driver recalled the bag, described it, yet denied having anything and implied that we were lying about the incident. The company has refused to compensate us for the loss of the equipment and I am now forced to file legal action against them.

Please pass the word to any friends living in the Fairfield County area of CT State. Thanks!

Review about: Stolen Camera Equipment.



:grin shop around green light is a small company with a few criminal time dont price shop choose the best for ,you your, family and camera.


I, TIves, the author of this complaint, have requested that this complaint be removed from this web-site and will continue to request such action until this request has been successfully executed.

In the meantime, I believe that the issue documented above is an isolated event undertaken by a single person within the firm. Given the successful history of the firm I also believe that the management of GLL has taken the necessary steps to prevent future events of this nature. Thus, in that I believe this action was an isolated event executed by a single employee, this should be considered a full retraction of the above given complaint against GLL.

Furthermore, regardless of the difficulty of this situation I had found the professionalism of their staff and the quality of their services and vehicles beyond what I have typically experienced within the industry and will recommend their services moving forward. While this claim is a statement of my opinion, I will not hold the isolated actions of one employee against the firm as a whole. - Sincerely TIves

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It doesn't matter who I am.I react strongly because, first of all, as a business owner, people like Mr.

TripIves who go around accusing people of stealing things with NO proof take up my valuable time. Secondly, I react so strongly because I have traveled with Green Light before, left valuables in their cars and had their drivers return them to me, unscathed.

Furthermore, what Mr.TripIves is doing at this point is part of a piece of new law in regard to cybersmear.


how do you know he is spreading rumors?it seems that you know what is happening.

it is a bit strang that you react so strongly.are you the driver?


Hi Guest,

How do you know TripIves spread false rumors?are you the driver?

or are you the company employee? or are you God?

it seems that you know what is is strange that you react so strongly.

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Green Light Limousine Company is by far the best company I've ever traveled with.Their level of professionalism is unsurpassed and their customer service representatives and drivers are by far the friendliest and most efficient I've ever encountered.

Sounds to me like someone wants to pull a fast one over on someone for a quick buck in a difficult economy. Pretty sad when their website even states "not responsible for lost items" I've left my ipod and cell phone both in a vehicle of theirs once before, never a problem.

Seems funny you are having such a big problem.Go ahead and file your legal action to be laughed at in court and stop spreading false rumors.

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